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We offer a variety of desserts for all of your special occasions including: cakes, cupcakes, decorated sugar cookies, macarons, and cake pops customized to fit your themes and celebrations.



I'm Shupi, the owner and self taught baker of Bliss Creations. 


I've always been a very creative person and baking seemed to give me endless opportunities to express my creativity. I love to experiment with recipes, flavour combinations, and my favourite part...decorating!

My goal is to make pretty AND tasty treats for special occasions or for those looking to indulge for that feeling of bliss.

Fun Facts:

  • I was born in Zimbabwe

  • I lived in 4 different countries before the age of 14

  • I prefer salty snacks over sweet 

  • I have a candle and mug OBSESSION

  • I don't like to start a new show unless there are multiple seasons available (bonus if its a complete series) because I love to binge watch 

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